Use Cases

AutoPod was built with On Demand in mind, but over time has evolved to support a number of use cases. Not everyone who is subscribed to AutoPod uses the full on demand platform and have been able to implement functionality that we didn't think of!

On Demand / Listen Again#

The primary goal of AutoPod is to provide an easy to use interface for Automatic creation of on demand content. We provide our own player, widgets and more to make this process as simple as possible.

Podcast Hosting#

AutoPod also acts as a fully fledged podcast host. You can upload episodes manaully and share these exactly as you would with other podcast hosts such as Captivate or Podbean.

Supplement Existing Output Logs#

We store 60 days worth of the station output and provide access to export episodes from this at any time through the dashboard. Although AutoPod should not be used as your only method for keeping a broadcast compliance recording of your station output, it is a fantastic supplement to this and provides easy access on any device.


Whilst AutoPod is reliable enough to be used as a full station log, we strongly advise that it be used alongside another logger. We cannot be held responsible for the loss of audio and our 60 days of full stream retention is a best effort not a guarantee.

Automate Show Repeats#

As every show gets it's own RSS feed, it is possible to use this RSS feed in conjunction with an RSS downloader to automatically download the MP3 and then add this to your broadcast log. We know from experience within communitty media that repeats can be a fact of life and can be annoying to manage if you're having to sort out lots of them. Although this takes a bit of setting up, we have used this functionality ourselves with great success and saves me a lot of time each week!

Presenter self monitoring & improvement#

As AutoPod provides an unlimited number of delegate users per account, it is possible to create an account per presenter so that they can log on and download a copy of their show.

Student Radio#

A great way for students to obtain copies of the shows that they have done and store them for review at a later date.