Edit Show

All shows can be edited indiviodually within the AutoPod Dashboard.

First you need to navigate to the show that you wish to edit. This is possible either by finding the show in the 'All Shows' page, or searching using the navigation bar.

Access Shows Page

On the Show page, select the 'Edit Show option.

You can identify that you are on a show page (and not an episode page) by the yellow banner at the top and 'Show: [Show Title]' banner (as seen below).

Edit Show Button

The available form options for editing a show are identical to those above for adding a new episode, however from the edit show page you will see that they are pre-filled with the existing information about the show.

You can identify that you are on the edit show page by the orange banner at the top of the page. The title of the show will be displayed here as well as the image of th show (if applicable) just below.

Edit Show Page

Saving or Discarding Changes#

Once you have made changes, you can either press the 'Save Changes' button to submit or the 'X' at the top right of the page to cancel.

Editing Show Tags#

how tags are configured from the Show page itself rather than the 'Edit Show' page (see below). We have done this because tags are more dynamic in their nature and are more likely to be changed on a semi-regular basis.

Show Tags View

Tags are used for shows that have mixcloud publish enabled and are passed through directly to mixcloud verbatim. To add multiple tags at once enter the words seperated by spaces into the 'add tags' input