Delete Show


Deleting a show will also delete all episodes within the show. If you need to keep the episodes but delete the show, episodes need to be moved to a seperate show first. This is an irreversable change and once deleted there is no recovery process.

To remove a show from AutoPod navigate to the show that you wish to delete. This is possible either by finding the show in the 'All Shows' page, or searching using the navigation bar.

Access Shows Page

within the show page (identified by a yellow banner at the top of the page containing the show name) select the 'Delete Show' button

You will be prompted to confirm this choice, with options to either cancel the deletion or to continue.

Access Shows Page

Once a show has been deleted we are unable to recover the content for you. Therefore it is important that you only give access to your autopod account to members that you trust. If you believe that access to your account is compromised let us know as soon as possible.