Quick Links


Useful links to AutoPod (and by extension Hippynet) services and support.


The dashboard is the main administration interface for AutoPod itself. It is where you would go to make changes to the schedule, shows, episodes, groups, delegate users and many other stream administration settings.

Find the dashboard Here

Billing & Subscription Management#

We use an automated billing and account management tool to ensure compliance with all local laws. This link takes you to this page where you can manage billing preferences, email contact settings and manage any subscriptions that you have.

Find Billing and Subscription Management Here

Hippynet Main Site#

A link to the main HippyNet website where you can find more information on other products and services that we offer.

Find the hippynet main site Here

Hippynet Store#

A link to the hippynet store. We provide additional services such as Stream Hosting, SSL Proxys encryption for online feeds and stream transcoding to different bitrates.

Our online store can be found Here

Raise Support Ticket#

If you are experiencing issues with AutoPod or need general support in using the service, please raise a support ticket with us and we will be back to you as soon as possible to resolve any issues / answer any queries that you have.

Raise a support ticket Here