6. Share via RSS

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a method for sharing content with external parties who are able to subscribe to content. AutoPod makes a variety of RSS feeds available for your stream including for Shows, Groups and the stream as a whole. The main association with RSS and podcasts is the ability for users to utilise 3rd party applications to listen to your content and provide the ability to submit the feed of your episodes to services such as Apple's Podcast directory.

This process is explained in more detail within the Distribution section however for basic information read on.

Each Stream (overall station), Show and Group gets it's own RSS feed. These feeds can be found within the dashboard on the homepage, shows page and groups pages.

An RSS feed is basically a file containinfg a list of episodes. We update these files as new shows are added to autopod.

As RSS feeds are a standard format, submitting a link to third party services means that they can periodically check thee filees for new entries and carry out actions when there are changes. The most common for AutoPod being notifying users that a new episode of a particular show has become available.