5. Embed on your Website

AutoPod provides a wide range of HTML widgets which you can embed on your website (or share with others to embed on their websites). These widgets will either allow the content to be played 'inline' (i.e. will not open another window) or using the AutoPod Player.

We provide options for embedding episodes by Show, Group, the Stream or individually. The process for embedding these is identical. On this page we have a brief guide on embedding HTML but provide more detail on this within the Embeddable Widgets section of this documentation.


AutoPod uses iFrames to allow you to embed content on your website. In principle this means that you can put a single line of HTML code onto your own website and it will display a box with AutoPod content within it.

For each widget that you wish to embed, you only need ot setup the widgets once, after the initial configuration they will automatically connect back to Autopod and update as new episodes are created.

Example Widgets#

These example widgets are for a station that uses AutoPod and has given us permission to embed within our example websites.

Stream Search#

Compact Player With Recent Episode List#

Compact Player Inidividual#